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$free.99 is my favorite…

Get your next 🎯 trip planned and then add the $5.00 off Nexxus coupon in Target circle and this product is free! It’s currently $4.99. Don’t forget their $10 off $50 promotion as well if you have it! Stack, stack, stack!

3 Beach Towels

So…Kohl’s had a sale. 25% off beach towels! I had $25 Kohl’s Cash so I bought 3. Three is my favorite number anyway. This brought their original price tag of $11.99 down to $8.99 apiece. My grand total after all discounts was $2.07 or thereabouts. My Kohls credit card has about a $0.67 credit onContinue reading “3 Beach Towels”

My favorite price…$Free.99

I love lists & bullet points. So let’s discuss 10 handy semi-repurposing tricks I’ve learned along the way… 1) Bamboo sticks are great for hanging tab panel curtains. They add a nice earthy touch and it’s an inexpensive project overall. 2) I found a hand made wooden candle holder at a flea market which IContinue reading “My favorite price…$Free.99”

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