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3 Beach Towels

So…Kohl’s had a sale. 25% off beach towels! I had $25 Kohl’s Cash so I bought 3. Three is my favorite number anyway. This brought their original price tag of $11.99 down to $8.99 apiece. My grand total after all discounts was $2.07 or thereabouts. My Kohls credit card has about a $0.67 credit onContinue reading “3 Beach Towels”

My favorite price…$Free.99

I love lists & bullet points. So let’s discuss 10 handy semi-repurposing tricks I’ve learned along the way… 1) Bamboo sticks are great for hanging tab panel curtains. They add a nice earthy touch and it’s an inexpensive project overall. 2) I found a hand made wooden candle holder at a flea market which IContinue reading “My favorite price…$Free.99”

40 years to find a morel…

P.S. I went back to the same spot today and it seems I had only missed one… All my adult years on earth I’ve always hoped to find a morel mushroom. I’ve always been unsuccessful. I’ve traveled miles to parks and other areas in hopes of finding this delicious meaty fleshy Shroom in abundance, butContinue reading “40 years to find a morel…”

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