Why Start a Blog?

For me, that’s simple. I love connecting with people. Aside from pushing myself toward better money saving habits I’m hoping I can encourage others to habitually stretch a dollar like I have. I became obsessed with saving money after the birth of my son. I really became in touch with a want versus a need after he came along. 

Plus, I love a good deal! I love the challenge! And I can’t stand paying full price for anything.

So who inspired me? My grandfather first and foremost has been my biggest inspiration. He grew up during the depression era. He looked after me a lot growing up and I totally adopted a lot of his lifestyle choices and practices. That’s where my love for gardening comes in to play because I picked his green beans and cherry tomatoes every season. Just the nostalgia alone…

Secondly, Jeff Yaeger, author of The Cheapskate Next Door, he really opened my eyes to clever and super resourceful ways of living. It’s amazing to think how wasteful we actually are…

And then there’s Suze Orman of course who will kick your budget right in the ass with her hard knock approach to your money spending ways. That damn dollar always trying to burn a hole in your pocket…

Find your inspiration and change your life!

Published by frugalite

Some faves: my Yoga practice; the color green. black coffee; being a mom; gardening and writing. I'd rather write than talk most days. I love farmers markets, deep talks, and serendipitous occurrences. When I am happy and feeling at my best I am funny, smiling and relaxed. At my core I enjoy doing things for other people. I have to serve in some capacity. I am diligent in saving money. It's very difficult for me to buy something that is not on sale. And let's not forget vibes. I am sensitive to the vibes around me, so balance is key in my environment and the people I choose to be around. I have a 6 ft. tall white picket peek-a-boo fence that I stare at regularly. It's falling apart. It's rotting away. The wind blew over 2 sections. And yet I let it remain in its perfectly imperfect state. Still trying to figure out it's exact purpose at this point in my life.

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