Money Saving Mama

Let’s get to the basics. People ask me all the time how I manage to save so much money and how I find such great deals on things. As I continue on my Blog journey with you we’ll explore some of the apps that I love to use.

I rely on coupon inserts from the newspaper. Additionally, any stores’ coupon book can be used in conjunction with a manufacturer coupon so that’s a sure win! Store apps are wonderful! You end up saving on items and dollars, rewards or points keep adding up without you realizing it!

I have saved on groceries, household items, clothing, shoes, even yoga! You name it – I have saved. I’m ready to explore the endless possibilities of saving money in all facets of life so you can live the life you’d love to live while not necessarily having to make tremendous sacrifices in other areas.

Published by frugalite

Some faves: my Yoga practice; the color green. black coffee; being a mom; gardening and writing. I'd rather write than talk most days. I love farmers markets, deep talks, and serendipitous occurrences. When I am happy and feeling at my best I am funny, smiling and relaxed. At my core I enjoy doing things for other people. I have to serve in some capacity. I am diligent in saving money. It's very difficult for me to buy something that is not on sale. And let's not forget vibes. I am sensitive to the vibes around me, so balance is key in my environment and the people I choose to be around. I have a 6 ft. tall white picket peek-a-boo fence that I stare at regularly. It's falling apart. It's rotting away. The wind blew over 2 sections. And yet I let it remain in its perfectly imperfect state. Still trying to figure out it's exact purpose at this point in my life.

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